More Examples of Commit Messages#

Document what some CSS does#

This is a commit that has to do with CSS styling and layout. The author provides a visual example on how it looks before and after the commit. The ASCII representation of the new UI is a nice touch and provides a very clear picture (no pun intended) of results of applying the commit.

dev-how-to [devel *% u=]
$ git log -1
commit 86513e14fc97c124340053a471fa82400fb62119 (HEAD -> devel, gl/devel)
Author: Fernando Basso <redacted email>
Date:   Thu Aug 26 07:49:30 2021 -0300

style: Add borders and text around QandaA containers

Currently, there is no visual clue for the users as to where both the
question and answer start and end. This commit adds some borders and
text labels around the question and the answer to help visually identify
what part is the question and what part is the answer.

Before this commit, the question and answer look like this:

    How to see what is in gl/devel but not in HEAD?

    Easy enough: 😄

    $ git log

 And this is how it should like after this commit:

    +---------------------| question |-+
    |                     +----------+ |
    | How to see what is in gl/devel   |
    | but not in HEAD?                 |
    +-----------------------| answer |-+
    |                       +--------+ |
    | Easy enough: 😄                  |
    |                                  |
    |   $ git log       |


It is not that hard to draw some ASCII boxes in vim with virtualedit.

In vim:

:help 'virtualedit'
:set virtualedit=all