Ash from Alien 1979 movie talking about the perfect organism.

Yes, it is a hostile language (at least from a certain point of view).

People who write books use tiles and descriptions that imply that their book is different. “Now you’ll finally get it” because “this book is written in such and such a way that will make it a no-brainer for you to finally get it”. They say that “it is not that hard”, that the problem is that “the other existing books are not easy for beginners” and so on and so forth.

Getting started with Haskell is harder than in some other languages. That is a fact. Let’s not try to hide it. Let’s acknowledge it and deal with it.

Alien Xenomorph

People say that Lisp is easy, that you learn the sytnax in a few minutes. Still, it takes uncountable hours of study and pratice to actually get good at it (althout the same is true of any language, one could argue).

It doesn’t matter if it is hard or not. It is an amazing language, created and improved by people who research in this area for more than 30 years. It also teaches one new ways of thinking, of accomplishing things and solving problems. It is also a very unique language (in many respects). It is worth studying and learning it. A new universe awaits!